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Thread: USB TOuch Screen not working after install?

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    USB TOuch Screen not working after install?

    OKay I tested my carpc for a week before I hit the stero shop to have it installed it worked fine before but its not even detected after being installled, I am thinking the 10-foot USB extension cable is the issue anyone had this problem before? or know of a fix? I suppose if I have to IU can go get a USB hub / repeter run a power supply and try that.

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    you should stick always w/ USB 1.1 for TS, 10ft. should not have any problems to get you TS through it, maybe the cable got chewed in the installation, did you check it with something else?
    You can always purchase a USB to Ethernet plug and that way make your own lenght with no worries over latency.
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    I have two USB cabled one for the GPS one for the TS I switched them TS still doesn't work but its a Mute point now the Brand New Screen I purchased from Digitalww died waiting for a responce back from him to see where I go next.

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