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Thread: help with touchscreen

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    help with touchscreen

    hello to all
    this is my first thread and im realy sory that it is asking for something
    will my problem is with this monitor
    from ebay and after installing the driver for(WIN XP) the touchscreen looks crazy. When i press an area the cursor goes to the opposit direction. Forexample, when touching the right down angle the cursor will go to the upper left angle. So it seems like the touchscreen is rotated 180 deg on the LCD.I tried reinstalling the drivers but nothing has changed.

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    is there a touch screen calibration tool? If so, try that.

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    thank you for your reply
    i tried the calebration tool but it didnt help
    but i will try to enlarge the sensing area to reach the blinking X in the calibration mode
    thank you for the hint

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    At last i solved the problem by downloading the driver from this sit

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