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Thread: Analog to digital converter

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    Analog to digital converter

    i need to convert that analog wire to digital, which would give me example 8 wires, where i would be able to use my input controller board to hook them up kinda like IPAC. I am using PAC AUX for my system which gives me 1 analog wire, which gives different voltage for every button pressed. I searched the forums, and i dont want to use IR.

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    You could use an AVR, and hook the controls to an analog input and then program it to output different keys when different buttons are pressed.

    The easiest non-AVR way, is to just open the controls up remove the resistors going to each button, then add wire to where the resistor would've connected to the button, then wire that to the I-Pac. I recall someone doing that before on this forum.

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    AVR? i dont want to modify anything in the stearing wheel...

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