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Thread: wtf is up with lilliput

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    wtf is up with lilliput

    my m1-atx power supply went out last week, i ordered a m2-atx and put it in, now my lilliput screen gets very blurry if i unplug the usb touchscreen cable. then if i plug it in it keeps pulling the mouse back to 1 spot and will click randomly left and right click

    if i unistall touchkit then it doenst move the mouse anymore .. obviously but i reinstalled it it does the same thing.

    anybody have any ideas ?

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    Did you try plugging it to your PC at home?

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    just tried now, same result except i can unplug the usb touchscreen cable without the screen blurimg.

    the cursor always moves to the bottom right hand corner every time i touch the screen. if i touch other parts of the screen it will go kind of inverted and then drag back to the same spot in the bottom right hand corner ... i checked all of the connections reconnected the ribbons so now im stuck

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    sounds like preasure on the corner of the screen maybe... try lossening the case a bit maybe...

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