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Thread: Help with running cables for devices!

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    Talking Help with running cables for devices!

    Ok, here goes.
    Im planning on having one or two USB ports, a DVD/CD reader and an all-in-one SD/MMC etc card reader up front in my centre console for my carpc. I know im going to have to run a few cables into my PC for this.
    But - that'll be a lot of cables.
    So... for my intended GPS, bluetooth and [perhaps] WiFi receivers will i need to run these via a looong USB cable to somewhere where they'll get good in-car reception?
    Am i looking at having cables running everywhere?
    Also, will i loose much speed running such long data carrying cables to the boot [where the PC might have to go].
    Thanks everyone

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    I see people are reading this post...any ideas at all?

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    That's because the answer is already here for you to find. Use the search function of the forums to find them.

    You have a few options:
    - Extend individual USB cables.
    - use a USB hub
    - Extend motherboard USB headers using Cat5 cable and place the ports where you want/need them.

    Good luck.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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