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Thread: need good input device.

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    need good input device.

    I wont be using a touchscreen on my carpc. I have a 97 grand prix, and want to mount my input device in the cupholder so I can pull it open when needed. The input device has to control my music player (still working on finding one) and volume would be nice but not needed. I'll have a keyboard for times Im not moving or if anyone is in the car. What do you all suggest? I'm looking to make navigation of music as simple as possible.

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    I made a control knob from a $9 alps rotary encoder/joystick and $20 mouse. I turn the knob to scroll through the playlist, and can map the 8 directional buttons to do other functions. It's very simple and effective, though it's a bit more difficult than it sounds, since the joystick from the encoder has a 2.2mm diameter and ~6mm length. It's tricky getting a knob that'll fit. I just made an adapter

    A couple of people have mentioned working on them besides me

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyne View Post
    I made a control knob from a $9 alps rotary encoder/joystick and $20 mouse.
    Got pics?
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