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Thread: help wierd lilliput touchscreen problem

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    help wierd lilliput touchscreen problem

    2 years ago i replaced my lilliput touchscreen since it would never calibrate right. now when it is very cold the ts works but once it gets a little warm it might work it might not. or once i go over a bump it might cutin and out. when it dies i can here the usb sound on my speakers like it is disconnecting and reconnecting please advise me what to do. i have changed the port the ts was on and disconnected all usb devices i rechecked to make sure the din cable was in tight also

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    There could be a loose wire inside the unit, or inside one of the plugs. The result would be that everything looks and feels like it's plugged in tight but in reality there's a broken wire inside either the screen on the USB cable.

    It might be okay when it's cold but when warm it might expand just enough not to make the connection anymore.

    The first place I'd look is any part of the USB cable that bends sharply or runs underneath something that moves. (Like you're seats for example) If you find a kink in the wire or the outer casing of the wire is broken it's a real good chance that you've got a very small cut in one of the wires.

    Try replacing the USB extension cable first if you've got one. That's a quick check. If your monito plugs directly into the computer without an extension then just go over it the entire length of it carefully. If you find nothing open teh screen up and see if perhaps a wire came loose in there, perhaps when you swapped the touch screen out previously.

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    So I don't want to make a new thread but my touchscreen is doing the opposite. It worked fine in the warmth, but died in the cold.

    I already looked in side and the 3 wire plug going to the circuit board was coming loose. Is there any way to hook that down better? Hot glue? Some kind of conductive glue on the pins etc? I just want it to stay plugged in is all. If you are confused by the part I am talking about I can take a picture at some point.

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    hmm.. can't you just solder it? i would just put some more solder and get a glue gun on it. it should be pretty set after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shidoken View Post
    hmm.. can't you just solder it? i would just put some more solder and get a glue gun on it. it should be pretty set after that.
    To solder it I would have to cut off the connector. It is a small white connector somewhat like a floppy drive power connector only much smaller. I like having connectors that plug in instead of having everything soldered, but I may just have to go that route after all since it is not behaving well.

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