hey guys

ive given up gettin my lilli touscreen to work, and have resigned to using it as a monitor only.

I recently bought a palm life drive off a mate for $50 just cause it was a good deal, and found that i really have no use for the thing, so i figure it could work in the carputer.

Whats the best general solution to integrating a PDA including different ways and software? I dont know whether i want it to work as a glorified mouse, or actually try to get it to interface with a cut down version of a nice frontend. I saw Salling Clicker, maybe use that as a mouse and also get it to show the song etc.

Basically, i want to use it as my input device, but dont really want to render my $500 lilli screen redundant, i still want a flashy looking frontend going It has bluetooth, wireless but i am using a laptop, so i guess a bluetooth dongle would be the easiest.

Any suggestions you guys could come up with, im open to ANYTHING and the carpc atm is basically going to be all music