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Thread: Non touchscreen alternative!

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    Question Non touchscreen alternative!


    First post in a qhile but I have a question.

    I am about to start making a bezel for my E46 318i, I will be doing the usual moving the heater control and removal of headunit. However, although I could very easily have a touchscreen on my lilliput, I think that I feel safer in using buttons to contorl what the PC does. I intend to incorporate a slot loading Cd/DVD drive in the tight space underneath the monitor, and would like two rotary encoders in the top left and right corners of the and maybe 4 buttons down each side of the screen. each button will give immediate access to parts of the system. EG nav, music, cd, video.....backup etc etc. How would I go about doing this bearing in mind that one rotary encoder is for power and volume the other to aid in data input!

    I will attach a picture of what I want it to look like as soon as I can get max to work.

    Any info much appreciated. I was also thinking of having the buttons with LEd arrays in so I could change there function, or maybe even have a hybrid MFD type device that you would see in an aircraft cockpit.


    Ps another reason for this is my gilrfriend will use the car and taking her eyes of the road, even at traffic lights is a big no no!

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    Here is my idea

    Thoughts are welcome. I hope there is already somthing I could use to convert the switches to my PC.

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    Have you looked at CarX?

    They have a software the mimics the BMW software, and they have a package of sorts... their idea is to use the original factory nav, with an ibus hookup and rgb input to display the carpc on the original nav, and use the original units buttons to control the system. At any moment you can also switch form the carpc to the regular radio functions (minus cd changer iirc)

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)

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    You can use a keyboard, gamepad and various devices for your buttons by connecting directly to them. For the rotary encoder you can hackup up a mouse with a scroll button and connect the rotary encoder to it or use a phidgets encoder

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    The ipac emulates a keyboard. You can connect switches to it and then program the key or combo that the switches will activate.
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    i have an ipac1 and it's a great piece of hardware
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    Will look into it. Thanks.

    I am going to make a negative mold of my dash to make a plaster model. Then going to experiment around with resin injection into resin molds to make the surround. Will hopefully get my parts to finish the PC before christmas. Hdd packed up too so going to have to buy a new one.

    as my car doesnt have climate control I will have to motorise the functions as the unit wont simply drop down. but shouldnt be too much of a problem.

    thanks again.


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