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Thread: Universal Touchscreen Drivers

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    Universal Touchscreen Drivers

    Hello all. I'm just starting on this project and the first piece is an SBO2 touchscreen I got for cheap. The hardware is great but the setup program won't work - it totally freezes my desktop and laptop (XP Home). I can let WinXp install the universal driver but then the X/Y are switched and it needs calibration. I even tried this in Ubuntu 6.06: at least the axes are correct, but the calibration is way off. I'm in contact with the company (SunBoBo?) but if that doesn't work... is there a universal touch-screen driver/calibration utility around? I mean it can't be a complex piece of software here calibrating some USB input in X,Y. I could almost do it myself... not.

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    I still don't know if there is a universal touchscreen driver / calibration utility, but my problem turned out to be poor labeling of the files on the driver CD. I contacted the manufacturer (SBO2) and they directed me to the correct setup folder. The touchscreen works fine now. It's an SBO2 E0294 I think. Something like that. Just wanted to stitch this thread shut for future reference.

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