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Thread: Nice Keyboard!

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    I have a SAMSUNG Ultra Mobile PC Q1 USB Keyboard. It is small and comes with a stick mouse that is not bad. It is USB. NewEgg sells them for for $95.99. Bought mine with the Q1 for $75. Still too expensive.

    I have been experimenting with a Nokia Bluetooth wireless folder keyboard (SU-8W) that is also nice. Nice thing is it works with my Smartphone. Got it at a close out price of $49.90 something. It is not a full 101 or 89 key keyboard. It is discontinued, so you might be able to pick it up on the cheap.


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    Yugster has Logitech Ultrax Wireless PC Media Cordless Remote Control for $14.99. Only 9 left at 13:57 EST
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    Have you guys seen this one, it seems designed for one handed typing
    I have been using this one for a while, it works great, I turn it on press a key and it links up and I am ready to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by markbuts3 View Post
    But I have just found this one you might like....

    $27 shipped.

    Man, that would be exactly what I am looking for if it just had a small trackball or touchpad. Does nyone know of a usb mini keyboard with builtin mouse 'capabilities'?

    I hate the wireless. Everytime I have to use one, I always forget to periodically check the batteries and they're always dead when you need it most......

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    Sharkoon Mini RF Keyboard with Trackball & Multimedia Keys

    Hi All,

    I've been looking for a keyboard with the following characteristics:

    1) Mini Keyboard (small footprint)
    2) Mouse / Touchpad / Trackball including buttons/scroll
    3) Wireless RF or Bluetooth (I'm not keen on IR)
    4) Optionally some Multimedia Keys

    and of course Cost and Australian availability are big factors too. Anyway, I've just found the following keyboard on eBay and it seems to meet most (if not all) of the top 4 criteria:

    eBay - Sharkoon Mini RF Keyboard with Trackball & Multimedia Keys

    It's not exactly cheap (AUD $150+ including a whopping 40 Euro in shipping), but the real issue is that it's all in German !! Anyone on here speak/translate German ? Whilst it's probably 5x more than what I could probably spend, if it ticks all the boxes, i'd still consider it given the right advice.

    Keen to hear what you guys think ? Especially if you're German.



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    Sharkoon Mini RF Keyboard with Trackball & Multimedia Keys

    Here's some bigger pictures from the Sharkoon Website.



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    I recently purchased the keysonic keyboard from here

    Seems very well built. But it does seem very small and was hard to type with when I was testing it. If your only using it for small tasks in the car it seems like a decent keyboard but if your typing in huge amount text in it might not be such a great idea.

    Pic with my other no-name mini keyboard and dvd.

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