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Thread: New Product - Force Feedback (Haptic) Encoder

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    Tony840 -> Where did you get the knob from, ant what price?

    Lake -> Don't thint anyone have tryed it yet, but i think i woult work, cause i used the exact same drivers from FTDI to my PR-1000 just for windows, so would be werry confusing if they don't work cause it's released from the same publisher to the same board...

    For OS version look at my post #129 :-)

    Zip-Lock -> I have just uset the drivers from FTDi to my device and it work ar usual with the software provided with the PR-1000, so why do you need to make special drivers for this piece?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony840 View Post
    Ok, I can't promise anything for definite, but I have in my possession a semi completed code for the PR1000, which enables it to talk to RR. The guy who is coding this (not me I must add) is away on business for another month, but assures me the answer to the problem lies in Visual Studio.

    I also have the Immersion TouchSense SDK software - bought from Immersion for around $250.00, not thousands. I convinced them it was for non commercial private use and got a deal. Then problem is the SDK is not a panecea. Yes you can play around in the program and load and customise the profiles indefinitely, but the software does not 'talk' to any other area of windows programs. Code is needed, and hopefullt nearing completion, for this. Once it's cracked then the world will go haptic
    Tony, any updates in this yet? I have had this controller here, and have not personally figured any way to integrate it into RR. Once some sort of communication is opened up, I can easily add code in the skin, scripts to read from RR to get info and what then needs to go to the controller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    Tony, any updates in this yet? I have had this controller here, and have not personally figured any way to integrate it into RR. Once some sort of communication is opened up, I can easily add code in the skin, scripts to read from RR to get info and what then needs to go to the controller.
    Nothing as yet I'm afraid. The guy is still away on business so I'm just waiting until he gets chance to work on it. It will happen for sure, just not sure when yet.

    Stomp: I made the knob myself, after buying the iDrive wheel on ebay for $5.00. It will fit where the ashtray in my BMW e31 goes.

    Out of interest, has anyone gotten FULL functionality out of the Haptic in RR yet, or would it be a 'first' if my mate cracks it ??


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    How's this project comming? Anyone get this thing to work with a FE? Or maybe at least make a program for it? I personaly have zero programing experience, but the thought of having this thing in my car makes me wanna figure it out...

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    reverse-engineered protocol specs for PR-1000

    I had some time, and precooked scenes were kind of boring, so I took a shot at figuring out the actual protocol (and "scene format").

    I think I've got most of it:

    Note, this is not software, or drivers, or anything, just a web page documenting the actual bits and bytes used to talk to the encoder. Maybe this is helpful to someone. If nothing else it should help people realize this isn't actually super complicated or anything. Maybe someone can tell me what registers 24-26 do, or how shape code 4 works.

    I don't actually plan to use this in a car at all, but this forum thread is by far the most informative discussion about this product on the 'net, so I thought I would post it here.

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    This is great! Nice work.

    Got a question Zip-Lock, is it possible to get just the USB interface you came up with? As I already have access to the PR-1000 from friends that work in the industry. Or is it just a RS232 to USB adapter?

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    Can I use it for volume?

    I just want to be able to control volume. If I install the supllied drivers will it controll windows volume?

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    Any progress ???

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    Ok then I hate doing this but bump from the depths of the archives. Did this really just die out?
    It seems like the ultimate in car controller for a carpc. If nothing else is progressing with it can we get the sources you have come up with online? I can host the files on my site no worries but don't want to start from scratch on a project if there is some pre existing code out there

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    I am currently writing my bachelor's thesis about the PR-1000. means I am developing a microcontroller application to configure and interact with it. at present basically all I know about the possible settings is taken from Dan's work (thanks again ) but now I am stuck a little as there seem to be some combinations of registervalues the PR-1000 doesn't like :/
    Unfortunately, by now I can't publish my sourcecode as I've not finished my thesis yet(legal stuff...). But I am looking forward to provide my python prototypes (the microcontroller sources are not to be published because they contain various snippets from the company I'm affiliated with).
    Long story short, I've just wanted to say that there's something going on with the PR-1000 and I'd really appreciate further information... especially if someone knew how to get in touch with the Immersion guys who didn't react on several emails


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