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Thread: Most Common uses for PCMCIA?

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    Most Common uses for PCMCIA?

    I'm thinking what I can use my PCMCIA slot, on my MII10000.

    I've searched and the most frequent uses I've found are:
    tv tuner
    expandable USB ports.

    Are there other things I can make use of it with? Is there a reason to go PCMCIA rather than use the PCI slot? I guess two reasons would be size and if you already have a laptop card sitting around.

    I'm thinking that a tv tuner would be nice so I could watch a little tv. I've never used a pcmcia card tv tuner. Theoretically i could pick up tv signals in my car with this card?

    Anyone have experience with tv quality and signal strength?

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    most common usage is wifi

    Just pick something you'r MII is lacking and get that. if you need more usb ports and dont want a powered hub get a usb pcmcia. If you want to use you're PCI slot for a good soundcard and want TV as well then use it for tv tuner.
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    so basically there's no downside of using it, it's just another port for expansion. I think I'll use it for a tv tuner. Thanks.

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