I'm working an "iTunes appliance," basically a windows barebones box booting from flash with an external drive for all the media files. I have a tomtom 510 for navigation, and don't really care about anything other than audio.

the plan is to have a touchscreen, and also I would love to use something like the powermate or space navigator, as any of you who have used itunes know it is very scroll intensive.

what I'm wondering is if there is software out there to create several "hover hotspots" where the mouse jumps to if you move the pointer out of a pre-defined area. for example, in the picture below, I'd set the the leftmost red rectangle hotspot as the default - turning the rotary knob in a circular fashion would cause the mouse selection to move up and down just like the scroll button on a mouse, while the x/y axis moves would cause the mouse pointer to move left/right/up/down and out of the hotspot, and when this happens the pointer would jump to another hotspot, where again a circular motion would cause scrolling until it is detected that the pointer exits the red hotspot at which time the pointer would jump to the next hotspot:

I can set up dedicated buttons for play, next, fullscreen visualizer, shuffle, etc. I'd have the "hover" feature on by default, but also have a button to turn it on/off if I'm stopped and want to have full control.

Is there any software out there that can do this, or will I be making something custom? any general comments on the idea? All my thinking leads me to believe this sort of rotary-knob control with a touchscreen will be a pretty efficent way of control, but do let know if you see any faults here.

thanks for any input, I searched with no results, but do let me know any specific terms to use if this has been discussed, I know how noob questions suck to answer over and over.