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Thread: found a shuttle xpress on ebay - shall i get it?

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    found a shuttle xpress on ebay - shall i get it?

    Hi. I just found a Contour shuttle Xpress on ebay (i could never find one in the uk). HAs anyone got one and can tell me if they're suitable for incar use? they seem to have a good number of functions on them.

    Auction only just started and the buy it now is 40!! bit much but there's no reserve.

    is it easy to take these things apart and mould them into a dash? the seller says he took it apart but then stopped the project completely.

    here's a pic:

    any help is appreciated.

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    no. i've gotten mine for $25 shipped on here. $30 is a good price. 40 quid...i dunno... bid on it. its a great device though
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    its a nice device, works well.. but i just havnt found a spot to put in the car where it looks nice...Thats my only beef..its kind of big
    I wish i knew how to do fiberglass work...

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