Since everything is working how it should, I keep wondering what can be improved.
One of the thinks I really want to have is a normal Volume knob (using a rotary encoder).
And a knob to navigate in my screens.

Let me first place a picture I just made:

I think that the volume is no problem. Using the second knob I think is gonna take more time.

Idea is to , like in the picture, select what I want to control by touching the screen , and do the actual regulation by using the rotary controller.
But also If I have my MP3 list on screen , to scroll down by using the knob and select the map I want by pressing the same knob (I know that the USB rotary encoder can be presed)

Now is my question.Can this be done or am I just dreaming.

Idea is to bring my system as close as possible to an OEM system.

To give you an idea this is how my screen looks at this moment: