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Thread: Mini Keyboard with TrackPoint (~ 290mm x 130mm)

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    Mini Keyboard with TrackPoint (~ 290mm x 130mm)

    Ok, i'm starting a car pc build up and it's come time to consider a keyboard... I convieniently have a sun visor which can accomodate a keyboard around 290mm x 130mm (certainly not much larger if any larger at all). Now i've been reading through Scott Mueller's Upgrading and Repairing PCs and have just finished the section on input devices which was my first introduction to TrackPoint technology.

    Prior to this i was planning on mounting a seperate touchpad device either in an armrest or centre console, although this is looking like a more promising and less hassle option. As you can see, i am restricted by space for a keyboard in the sun visor and need something that can fit my requirements of 290mm x 130mm max, but does anybody here know of any mini keyboards that utilise the TrackPoint technology that can do this? I did a search but couldn't find any useful information... Thanks in advance, Bryce.

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    I wouldn't advise using a keyboard in the sun visor, especially one with a trackpoint. Would seem pretty awkward to be typing and holding your arm up to move the track point. There's several small sized keyboards that you could
    probably stow somewhere under a seat or have wireless so you or a passenger could use. The IBM Space Saver keyboard is nice and small. I bet even smaller if you hacked off the numberpad.

    IBM Space Saver II

    The keyboard that I use is perfect. It's got a track point in the most intuitive place. Very hard to find nowadays but when it came out it was dirt cheap.

    Parex IR9703

    very small too. Dimension 340 x 170 x 28 mm

    yet another small keyboard, though just a bit bigger than your visor

    oh another one here.
    340mm x 163mm x 31.5mm.

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    I picked up a Logitech Playstation Keyboard for $7 at a Circuit city on clearance.

    The model number is


    They are kind of hard to come by, but will easily fit into a visor or most glove boxes. No trackpoint feature though.

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    Check out htis thread for more keyboard ideas.

    Nice Keyboard!

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    I use one of these:

    It comes in PS2 and USB variants, both black and beige. I have a black PS2 version.
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    I use this one:

    316 x 152 x 21mm (L*W*H)
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