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Thread: PIONEER AVG-VDP1 problems..

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    PIONEER AVG-VDP1 problems..

    Hello all..
    Firstly, apologies if this thread is in the wrong place. This is my first post to this forum!!

    I recently purchased a Pioneer flip up touch screen DVD player for my car, and the optional AVG-VDP1 telemetry unit.
    Everything is sort of working but I'm having a couple of problems that are stopping the telematry working.
    Firstly, the RPM will not calibrate. You are meant to bring the car up to 4000rpm, then press the on screen button for 4000rpm to tell calibrate it. I do that, but then when the RPM drops to 1000, the VDP1 still shows a reading of about 1800rpm. As there are no seperate wires for a taco, I assume it's reading pulses in the power line. As my car is has a fairly standard 'wasted spard' twin pack coil thing, I've a feeling it's reading too many pulses. Is there anyway around this?

    My second problem is that is uses a GPS to calibrate it's speed, turning circles, etc.. The status of the GPS shows 'connected ok' and then shows a '3' for signal, which is meant to be the best. It also shows 3 or 4 little sattelites illuminated in yellow as if it's locked onto them. Yet, the lat/lon reading never shown anything.
    I took the car to the top of a hill with nothing around and had the GPS antenna on the outside of the car, and after about 10 minutes it still wouldn't show a lat/lon reading.

    Anyone any ideas?

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    Connecting to a fuel injector input signal may solve your problem, the frequency is proportional to rpm, and there's no wasted pulse going on there.
    As for lats and longs I am not familiar with that unit, so sorry, no help there.
    But all this talk of tacos is making me hungry, that's for sure.
    It's been a while...

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    Can't really connect to an injector. Besides, they get the same amount of pules as the coil does.

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