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Thread: Steering Wheel Controls

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    Steering Wheel Controls

    I have a 2001 honda civic ex that i would like to add steering wheel controls to. Ive searched the internet for hours and cannot find a solution. Also I have a sony headunit. im not really interested in having a computer in my car, i just want the controls on my steering wheel. any suggestions are much appreciated!

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    NOT the right forum....

    Is your HU even compatible with any kind of external controls? If it is, just buy the optional steeringwheel controller from sony.
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    Sony made a specific remote that is a thumb remote that mounts on your steering wheel but I've never used it. Model RM-X4S. You might be able to find one used.

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    Thanks guys. I did find it. But do you know where and how that thing mounts?

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    where ever and however you want, its not vehicle specific, so go wild

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