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Thread: Car related Ipad/iPhone apps - while driving

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    So I've decided to follow Heather's suggestion and split this thread. Now each app will have it's own thread, with reviews, comments and user positive or negative experiences.
    This thread had the potential to get too long and obscure the diversity of car related apps for the iPad that it's out there already. So I think it will work better this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bingham72 View Post
    It's not an iPhone or iPad app, but definately useful in the car at the track.

    Mobile Lap Timer

    Simple, but does the trick.

    (Edit R. Hurst: This is an iPad apps subforum only...the iPad version would be this one (or for a lap-time only app:
    My bad. I'm new here and saw this on the top of the main page before I drilled into the subforums. carry on...

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    i like it!!!


    ipad case ipad 2 stand ipad 2 case

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    I have been looking for an ipad app that lets me have control of my music while im driving. the ones posted before are all good choices im using iCarGadget, basically the same concept you can choose weather album art is displayed or any image of your choice while still displaying the song name, current speed and the weather. i wish waze gps would integrate a similar system to their already amazing app but that may be asking a little too much for now

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    I'm working on a front end system that you may end up wanting to check out. iPad Front-end

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