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    Content - Police Scanner

    5-0 Radio HD: Police Scanner + Music for iPad

    (50% off today, for 4.99!!)

    Why not? I think it's great to use in the car.

    Just bought, add some local Police and Fire scans to my favorites. Nothing too dramatic happening, lost dog, loud teenagers, etc. so I started listening to LA and Chicago feeds..whoa. Instant action.

    You can also chat with other listeners over tweeter (just login). Could hear some Australian police chatter too, and Japanese air traffic control, not sure how this works, but it does.

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    the UK's police use an encrypted communication system called TETRA. so a no go for the UK. i researched it a bit and i think you need to be registered effectively to log on to their system to listen, but i could be wrong too.

    you probably can't, (unless you just join the force), but anyone else know how you could listen to an TETRA encrypted network?
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