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Thread: Media - Adaptunes: Speed Based Volume Control

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    Media - Adaptunes: Speed Based Volume Control


    Utilising your device's advanced innards for tracking motion, Adaptunes adjusts your device's volume, making it louder as you speed up in your car.
    This saves you fiddling around with your device when you come off of local roads and start belting along the motorway.

    It does not seem to work with Pandora, for instance. Just with whatever is presently controlled with iTunes...but it looks to work fine, specially for bikers and convertible owners, where idling at a traffic spot and blasting at 70mph is a huge level difference.

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    An app like this is cool, but it points out the limitations of the iPad/iPhone environment. It has to be running to work, but you can't run other stuff at the same time.

    Of course you can jailbreak and run it in the background but there's only so much background memory and a one trick pony like this ought to be a built in feature of something like flicktunes or most likely a front end of some kind.
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    Exactly. That makes me crazy.

    At least it's possible to do it in principle. So we can only hope that one day, a front end designed for a car will have such cool features.

    But I have to say that the iPad is crazy fast (compared to the iPhone) and I have no qualms on leaving more apps running in the background than on the iPhone (actually the only one I'm leaving in the background on the iPhone is Pandora).

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    If you're doing audio out through the dock connector, you're losing volume control... do you know if this will still be able to modulate volume under these conditions?

    (if it hasn't been tested, let me know and I'll give it a whirl)

    ((Also, I typically have Rev backgrounded if I'm not using it, too... That way I don't have to establish connections every time I open it. If Vlingo does what they say they will, we should be able to access that from the background as well.))

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