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Thread: "Carputer", 1st Front End for the iOS?

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    "Carputer", 1st Front End for the iOS?

    Well, it's in Italian, so maybe it does not count?

    Here is the link:

    It looks like he borrowed icons from some well known RR skins? Man are they ugly?

    I tested today in the car. No gestures support, so it's pretty much useless. Why transport buttons and volume button? Completely unnecessary.

    You can click on the "sfonda" button and the background changes, which is cool, but you cannot choose your own, so that's not so cool.

    The led light bar does not seem to follow the sound levels, but it's the coolest idea in this.

    Kudos for trying, I say. I couldn't do any of this anyway.

    More please!

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    Just goes to show that, yep, you can make an ugly iPad Fe. Kudos for trying, though. Hopefully, we'll see more efforts in this area.
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    Ugly as hell, but at least its *something*, and it's priced right.

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    I've been working on a little app of my own that will do a bit more than just play music... you can check it out over at my blog I'm pretty new in the iOS programming field but I think I'm doing an ok job thus far. If you guys have any ideas for what you would like to see in a music playing app I'd be willing to try and make something that looks a bit better than the above.

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