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Thread: Air Mouse App

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    Air Mouse App

    I found this app and it is great for use with a carputer.

    I've seen other iPhone remotes and was not impressed with them. This one works well and has some very nice features such as touchpad, full keyboard, media player and web controls, and the ability to create shortcuts. The air mouse works too but I prefer the touch pad.

    The only down side I have found is that my iPhone loses its wifi connection when the PC connects to my wireless N router, but it will work when the PC is connected to the G router.

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    just downloaded it - very, how do we do the opposite minus the computer.
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    Hey thanks again man for the recommendation. I actually got this up and going in the car via an ad hoc network. Now all that is left is keyboard combinations for the media portion (in my case centrafuse) which I will see if I can get today on another thread.

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    For anyone using WM devices head over to XDADevelopers there is an app called gmouse or gremote or something like that for use with phones that have a g-sensor. Haven't tried the above app but I have used gremote and it works great.

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