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Thread: Post your custom iPhone docks!

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    Lexus ES300 Custom iPhone Dock

    I wanted to keep a stock look for my vehicle so no one has any clever ideas about breaking in to take my goods. The Lexus ES300 has a flip out ashtray and cigarette lighter so I used the shape and mechanics of the system but cut out all the guts. The ash tray assembly is now completely interchangable with any other ES300 because its only connections to the vehicle are stock connection. If anyone is interested in buying it send me a message. This both charges the phone as well as plays music through the adjustable FM transmitter. While connected the screen is still seen for cover art and to change songs. I also through the Apple logo stickers on the sides so when its out it looks like it is an apply product built for Lexus. Let me know your thoughts I am very interested to hear what you guys think.
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    iPhone mount updated

    Quote Originally Posted by badmonkey23 View Post
    I made a dual-purpose iPhone and iPod Nano dock from a packet of iPhone cases. Thread here.
    I've got a second iPhone now, so this one is mounted permanently in my car now. I've scrapped the original mount and made a new one from acrylic. It is held in place by magnets. I also have a thin card of plastic that snaps into place held by magnets to shield the iPhone from the sun during the day and also so passer-by's can't see it.

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    Here's mine..

    It's a little old, but now I'm in process of making something like that for my other car. A Nissan Tiida.

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