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Thread: do you use your iPhone 4 as a car computer?

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    do you use your iPhone 4 as a car computer?

    Hello all,
    Does anyone use their iPhone 4 as a car computer? The new ram and cpu upgrades allow a pleathora of "multitasking". I typically use pandora, navigon gps, and trapster on trips. What seems to be missing is a good FE that could link it all together (similar to centrafuse / road runner).

    It would be neat to have some apps that automatically rotated closest traffic cams as well as a clean digital dashboard (i don't like the HUD apps as I want to be able to use the touch screen).

    There are even some rumors of apple branded car kits in the near future.

    I know there is already a mega-thread on the topic, but that was started well before iPhone 4's new capabilities.

    It would be interesting to hear how you use your iPhone as a car computer, and if there are any interesting hidden gems in the app store that are difficult to find.


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    There are quite a few threads that relate just to the iphone4 and the specifically on apps that are good for use in-car....there is even a thread about a new front end for iphones, ipads and osx devices.

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    Yes, I found the iPad section - but it's, well, mostly iPad (and that's not what I have). There are some apps that are cross platform though.

    I saw the new FE for iPad (and MAC), but again, didn't see any there for iPhone (unless I'm missing something).

    There are some older iPhone app posts - but because mostly w/o multi tasking, there was probably a relucance (w/o jailbreaking) for any real heavy use of specialty apps that can operate simultaneously with the big ones (pandora, gps, etc).


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