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Thread: Power a laptop dc power supply off M2ATX?

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    Power a laptop dc power supply off M2ATX?

    Right now I have my M2ATX connected to a regular M10000 setup, but I am wanting to switch to a laptop. Would it be feasible to connect a DC power adaptor from the M2ATX to the laptop? This would allow me to keep my regulated 12v for my screen, keep my shutdown controller, and not bother with an inverter. I like the features of the M2ATX, only problem is whether the 12v rail can handle it. What do you guys think? It would be more efficient too... 12V > 19or 20V instead of 12V > 120V > 120V > 20V

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    Where would you get the 19 or 20v from the M2ATX?

    It won't work., You're better off selling hte M2ATX and getting a Carnetix P1900 or P2140. You could also use a car power adapter for your laptop.
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    the 19 or 20V would come from a DC car power supply for my laptop... the travel adaptors or something

    wow I just looked at the carnetix power supplys... I didn't know that they could do 19 or 20v... yeah that is probably what I need. Thanks... Now I just have to sell my current setup and get the laptop in my car.

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    A travel adaptor for your laptop would most likely be cheaper than the carnetix P1900, also smaller in size. That is what I plan to use since the Inverter is producing too much noise.

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    as long as the M2-ATX's +12vdc rail can provide enough current for your laptop "travel adapter" then it should work fine. but even if it can't; you don't actually have to power it from the M2-ATX, you can connect the laptop travel adapter directly to the car battery and just use the M2-ATX as a startup/shutdown controller.

    alternatively, you can build one of these laptop auto-power-on modules, or buy one pre-built from 'W3bMa5t3r'. (you will have to configure the the laptop to turn off when external power is disconnected)

    a carnetix PSU would be the best option for powering/controlling your laptop. they are expensive, but there really isn't any other product that provides the odd voltages that a laptop requires and also has an integrated startup/shutdown controller.

    good luck, whatever you decide to do

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    I know for a fact that, even though you laptop power adapter may be putting out 19v, your laptop does not need that much. I mean, how much voltage does your battery carry??? Mine puts out 11.something. I have also had a Gateway laptop years ago that had a 19v power brick. It turned out that it would run straight off a cigarette lighter, not a travel adapter.

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