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Thread: DC-DC or Inverter for Laptop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedGTiVR6 View Post
    wow - good luck on your own!

    the information is there, you just choose to not read or search for it.

    you're not going to haev much fun with this project at all...

    especially considering this question get's asked almost DAILY around here...

    Geez! the guy just needed help...not a lecture on how to use the forum. If you have time to reply a post, it doesn't hurt to throw in a couple of tips. If you hate the question, then ignore it and let others answer it. Don't discourage people. I wonder what they teach at engineering school nowadays.

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    blah blah blah - back onto the topic

    as for the power inverter or dc-dc power supply, my answer will be it all depends.

    i use my car only on weekends and do not commute with it so i dont really have a need to have a power converter installed into my car.

    my tablet laptop has around 2.5 hours or more (depending on screen brightness) battery life which is more than enough for the usual around town running around.

    when i go on roadtrips, i go with the laptop juiced, and maybe a couple of hours down the road, i use a single plug power inverter and start juicing my laptop from there.

    yeah it's noisy but i can't really hear it over the music, and i dont blast my music. it gets the job done, was $50 (i know - i paid too much) but it does the trick.

    i feel that if you use your car on a daily basis or you commute in the car for longer periods, then definitely go with the dc-dc solution. just qualify your need for it though - is it absolutely necessary? or do you need it only once in a while like myself?

    plus, with the inverter, when my laptop is running off of battery, i can charge my phone or something else like that.

    just a thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by breaker021 View Post
    blah blah blah - back onto the topic.
    Good move.
    Like the post above I would have to go with inverter if you do not plan on using the PC every day. I am getting ready to install my old laptop and I am going the way of inverter simply because it will only be turned on for roadtrips or shows since my daily commute is roughly 5 minutes one way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roykabob View Post
    Most common DC-DC on eBay is the M1-ATX....just do a search.
    What does this have to do with powering a laptop? An M1ATX is for ATX compatible motherboards, not laptops...
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    ha, I use to read this site all the time a few years ago, but after I finished my install in my previous car I stopped because of all the thread bashing on people like this. Now that I have had my new car for a year I am beginning my install and this is one of the first threads I happen to open on my first time back just browsing around to see what has changed. I see the attitudes have not.

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    as for the power inverter or dc-dc power supply, my answer will be it all depends.
    I agree with this one, breaker021. I also use both PC and laptop in my carputer project. Having using both, I say it depends. Like customizing a normal PC, a gaming rig or a HTPC. If you are like me, i normally use my laptop for work and i find that a inverter is suitable and cheaper. In my country, that hardware cost a hole in my pocket.

    And rosscarlson, welcome bro, I feel sorry for you.
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