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Thread: Upgrading the OQO 01+?

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    Question Upgrading the OQO 01+?

    Hi all,

    My M10k has just died and I am very sick of not having a transflective screen. Plus the price of the OQO 01+ on eBay has now dropped to rock bottom. So I am thinking of getting one to replace my current carputer.

    However, there is a problem. I believe its 1GHz Transmeta Crusoe processor is even slower than my M10k, which is super slow already. So I am just wondering is there anyway to upgrade the processor? (via a hardware hack or a legitimate way)

    Or indeed, can I just use its screen!?!?


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    the transmetas are like super slow, I used to love the sony picturebooks, but the transmetas were like tourture... there is not much you can do with that as far as upgrading it really, max out the ram & then wait, wait & wait some more

    shame too, cause that would be an ideal solution if it had a little horsepower behind it

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