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Thread: Need help with using laptop screen...

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    Need help with using laptop screen...

    Ok. I want to put a laptop screen and wanted your suggestions. I was looking at ebay and came up with two options. Now before I link, I also read that it is needed to use a LVDS controller but I do not fully understand how exactly does it works. I was wonderin if someone could explain to me....

    Here's the link to the LVDS:

    Judging by it, it needs an inverter for the power, right?

    Now for the screens... Two options..

    Option #1:

    Option #2:

    What do you guys think? What would be the best approach and "easiest" way to use either one of the lcd's??

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    use a laptop with the screen that belongs to it. you will pay more for the lvds controller not to mention the agony of making it functional. The other option is buy a vga lcd screen

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    Your wanting to build something from components that is readily available as a single unit to save a few bucks, its not worth it. I am running a laptop panel, but only becuase the LCD size I wanted is not available any other application. This is what im running.

    I advise you to pay the extra few dollars and get a complete unit with guarantees and warranty.
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