The first project to get a carPC in my car was a total experiment. I had a few Compaq Evo n160s laying around the house and figured, what the heck. I noticed a frequent problem that these had with hinges breaking. This is where it took a turn. I disassembled an Evo down to the logic board. From there I fabricated a custom plastic case that allowed me to mount the logic board to the case and fit the hdd, battery, and dvdrom drive in as well. I also flipped the screen to be up in the "lid closed" position. From there, I made my own cables to adapt the audio in/outputs, keyboard, and mouse/usb and mounted them to the right side of the new machine. I ran into difficulty with room to mount the unit in the landscape form. So i rotated the entire unit the be mouted lengthwise and used Pivot software to rotate the Windows desktop to match the screen configuration. My intentions with this unit was to make it removable from the car, so I hard wired the power brick adapter to the car via an invertor and hard wired the power cable to the motherboard. I placed a couple standard plug ends onto the wire to make it removable easily. So far, I havenot had any problems with it except an occassionaly heat issue, but these laptops are known for overheating anyways, oh well.