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    I'm trying to find out how to install my sony laptop in my truck. I want this to be a permanent install because of some of the defects of the laptop. I dont mind hard wiring the laptop, but I'd rather not use an dc-ac converter to have the laptop convert the power back to DC. I want to install the laptop so it kicks on and stays on as long as the key is in and turned to Acc. or greater. I know that I need a dc-dc power supply but looking through everything on, I become a little overwhelmed in the unknown. Ultimately, the system will only be the laptop, touchscreen, and any USB accesories that would be warranted (E.g. GPS, Video Capture, etc.) I really have no idea where to turn for the power supply and any advice or histories would be greatly appreciated. I am also weighing the options of a mini-ATX mobo., but for now my resources limit me to the laptop I already have. Please advise.

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    for power look for a car adaptor for your laptop, you can use a conventional startup shutdown controller or webmasters laptop startup device if you still have a battery in your laptop. in some cases depending on the voltage your laptop runs on, you can use a carnetix power supply that also has a startup shutdown controller built in & it'll power it & control it too.

    check out te sticky at the top of this laptop section for more info too

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