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Thread: just loaded ubuntu.

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    Arrow just loaded ubuntu.

    i just loaded ubuntu on my laptop and its the first computer ive seen with this os on it. i like it its clean and everything looks good. but how do i get my wireless internet to work?? i can only get on the internet with it plugged in.

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    I also installed Ubuntu on my tablet, but setting the wireless connection was a nightmare.

    I recommend you to go to the Ubuntu forum and ask the expert. They are usually kind to help newbies with their installations.

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    there should be a network icon in the upper panel (top right of your screen), click that to configure your wireless card.

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    ok first off you need to know what type of wireless chipset you're running on the wifi card. ubuntu does support wireless adapters but you need to install those drivers first.

    so the easiest way to do this is find out the chipset manufacture (ralink, broadcom, intel etc) then go on google and do a quick search on the chipset + ubtuntu version and that should takecare of it.

    ubuntu is a very very easy linux os to learn on theres lots you can do with it but for me its still a bit to sluggish and slow.

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