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Thread: Best Front End

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    NEC Mobile Pro 900c

    First sorry for the multiple threads. The reason i asked was a had a carpc before and I loved RR. But now I am using a NEC Mobile Pro. It only has 64 MB SDRAM. So I didnt know if I could install RR into the compact flash card. Any subjestion welcome. And again sorry for the multiple threads. Thanks

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    RR (and most other FEs) won't work with a MobilePro 900c


    The MobilePro 900c is not a true PC, it runs Windows CE .NET 4.2. You will have to find a Windows CE frontend, which I am not familiar with and not sure if they exist. With the proper configuration, you might get this thing to remote access a proper PC and act as a high priced remote control, but even then, it will be flaky if you are using remote desktop or something, as I checked out this solution using a PocketPC, which runs a similar OS.

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    reformat it with XP Lite or another flavor of a minimal XP install

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    I tried download RR and i had nothing but problems, so i downloaded cave lite 2 and it works great, but i primarily just use it for music/videos, once i get GPS installed i might up grade.

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