Hi all,
Since I'm still new here, allow me to apologize for the unusual LONG title. The reason for that is try and save another newbie a few hours of stress LOL.

I have spent the best part of yesterday trying to solve what ended up being (as usual) a very simple problem, but yet a problem.

Previous situation:
- I had a working DL070IM Touch screen + Fujitsu Laptop / XP sp2 setup working in my car. what led me to believe "It should just work..."

Current problem:
- Recently got an X41 Thinkpad to replace the old laptop.
- Trying to install the provided CD drivers - older Worcol (Touchkit) Version from 2003. the laptop froze during install. nothing helped.
- Got different / newer versions of the drivers installed which didn't freeze the laptop, but would not work...Nothing!!!
- The device was not recognized as a pointing device.
- Even though there was a proper Touchkit driver / software installed it would not recognize the touch screen.
- Whenever plugged in (After clean install) the device would come up as "Non Recognized".
- Any attempt to "update driver" and force the correct driver was rejected by XP.

Drivers source: http://www.touchkit.com/Drivers.asp#xp

The research:
I read almost all the Touch screen related threads and Googled all the search options.

Some of the threads that offer solutions:

Touchkit not working
Lilliput Touchscreen problem
Touch Screen Problem

Trust me, I've tried it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...
After about 6 hours and swearing in more then one language...

Solution (In this case):

USB TOuch Screen not working after install?

Quote Originally Posted by MobiTekLink View Post
you should stick always w/ USB 1.1 for TS, 10ft.
- I've decided to check the USB 1.1 path.
- Took a USB 1.1 hub and connected the touchscreen through it.
- Needless to say, EUREKA

Current Status:
Touch screen fully functional with the newest (and best) driver / software combo.

Since the solution was always there but I didn't find it easily enough running an mp3car.com search, I've decided to post this solution (with the huge title) and hope someone else across the universe will see the light faster.

Thanks for the help
Now it's time to work on the proper install...Pics and details to follow on my build future thread.