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Thread: Asus eeePC for $358!! Free shipping.

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    Asus eeePC for $358!! Free shipping.

    For those who care, is selling these for $358+free shipping.
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    don't forget that there are different eeepc models, with different features and different prices.

    the "eeePC" you linked to is a "4G surf" model. they cost less than the "4G' model because they have shorter battery life, and no webcam (neither feature matters if you're going to use it as a carPC).

    the point is, $358 is not some awesome deal, it's just a cheaper model. eeePC prices are locked from ASUS, authorized retailers can't choose what they sell them for. the 4G surf sells for $349 everywhere. simply combined the selling price and shipping fee into one price (they claimed free shipping, but it's not free, it's $9 ).

    BTW, 2G surf models sell for $299

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