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Thread: Momentary switch, how many amps?

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    Momentary switch, how many amps?

    I'm setting up a startup controller to my docking station. I will run 22 gauge wire to turn on the laptop via momentary switch. Does anyone know which momentary switch I should use? There's one that is 0.5 amps and the other which is 1.5 amps.

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    either will be fine.
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    momentary switch

    Thanks for the quick reply. I think I'll go with the 1.5 amp switch then since it's bigger and looks more sturdy.

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    it doesnt really matter. all you are doing is jumping two pins

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    At the very most it would use 200mA if that.
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    As a point of reference, I'm using a telephone extension wire to turn on mine. It's wired into the unused modem port. What gauge wire is that...around 28?

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