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Thread: laptop newb

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    Removing the screen is no problem

    If space is an issue, you can remove the screen and just use the body. However, if you even want to work on your carputer outside of your car (and you will - the 7" screen is a PITA to configure with), you'll have to hook it up to an external monitor inside.

    This might save you a little room...

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    space isnt too much of an issue, im about to redo my rear seat delete, and since im fabricating it i can put a spot in there somewhere for the the storage of the computer. idk tho, i want something decent that can handle my needs: store and play my music for the most part, play video/movies on dvd, dont need it for gps at all, possibly running so tuning stuff with sniper, and maybe just some general tinkering on the it.

    would this be a good list of stuff to get>>>>

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