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Thread: Pairing a Fujitsu 4121 screen with an existing PC

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    Pairing a Fujitsu 4121 screen with an existing PC

    Question.....just bought a fujitsu 4121 tablet and was wondering if anyone has done or would have an idea of how to take just the lcd and use it with a different cpu.....i already have my cpu built and don't want to use the tablets guts....just the screen. Any ideas on how to interface and power the panel?

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    Fujitsu is pretty tight lipped about the inner workings of their tablets. I could only suggest a few avenues to pursue. forums may have some folks that have some experience in this area but they are extremely slow to respond to newbies. TurboCad6 has the most experience on this board dismantling newer Fujitsu tablets. Or you could dismantle it and send as much info on the individual parts to MotorCity on this board and he may be able to help you. MotorCity may, for a reasonable fee, be able to create what you want if you send it to him.

    Unfortunately, your purchase of the 4121 may have been premature. I'm sure for the time and effort you're about to expend for this conversion, you probably could get a decent transflexive screen. OBTW, you can send me the guts you don't use when you're done.

    Good Luck
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