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Thread: e46 PC install

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    e46 PC install

    Hi chaps,

    I want to install a carpc to play my mp3's and video's but I don't want to remove the factury head unit..

    I have the following head unit

    I also have an old PII laptop hanging around so I'm guesing that I have the most expensive parts already..

    What I would ideally like to do, is to put the laptop in the boot, plug it into the loom (I think I can plug it into the I-BUS lead of the CD changer) and bobs your uncle..

    What I don't want to do is have to start pulling my car apart (dash out etc)

    Can someone with more experience on this tell me if I am talking a load of bo**ox??

    Many thanks in advance


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    e46 install.

    Hi, Ash2.

    i have installed a laptop into my e46 318i.
    i also ran into the problem of connecting to my existing audio.
    what you need is a device called car2pc allows you to plug directly into your cd changer plug. and run audio through your factory amp/speakers.

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    Can you get power for the laptop off the lines of where the cd changer would be?


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