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Thread: Reflash bios

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    Question Reflash bios

    Ive got a toshiba equium 200 that a friends asked me to look at, basicaly they have corrupted the bios by removing the battery i think, someone else has tried to fix it and cleared the bios completely, i have downloaded the flash from toshiba but cant find any way to load it, ive tried it on disc but no go, has anyone got any ideas ?

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    If the bios has been erased then the machine won't boot and you'll have a big problem writing the new bios.
    If the bios settings have just been cleared then you can go back into the bios and set it all back up again (usually you have to press a button during boot, such as F1, del, F10 or something). Reflashing the bios seems a little extreme in this situation.
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