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Thread: Power Button problem

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    yeah like what fusion fanatic said (not to repeat but just to confirm and give you a bit more confidence), sounds like your actually going to have the easier setup that most of us that had our surface mount switches soldered to our power buttons. just reverse the pcb board its soldered to and youd probably find the extended wires from the switch with a nice suitable solderable (if there is such a word) square piece of soldering lead in it.

    i dont see any other way of turning your laptop on if you dont want the lid open whenever you do. are you thinking somewhere in the lines of a boot on power thing? also most laptops dont really boot with the lid closed. what some would do esp if your laptop is old would be removing the magnet or small clip that the lid would enter through whenver you close your laptop to trick it. though your screen would still be on the whole time.

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    pictures with good macro shots & better advice can be given, but there is no question the best & sometimes only reliable way of using a laptop is by hacking the switch...

    the few gateways I've worked with have been EZ compared to others.... pictures will help alot...

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    I had a similar problem

    On my IBM T43 the power button is integrated into the keyboard - nowhere to solder it unless I cut off the button. In a moment of bravery, I removed the keyboard and grounded each pin of the keyboard connector with the machine off. I quickly found the power button pin. The keys are controlled by combinations of pins, but the power button should have one line. The solder point was damn small though.

    At work there are some solder stations, so I had a tech do it for me. He turns his microscope and light source, and it's done in a minute or so. I routed it out the modem port. I didn't have that sharp solder tip he used either, so I could see not being able to do this at home... although I'd probably try. The end result was great.

    I see some of the buttons on other machines and I'm envious. If only it were always that easy.

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