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Thread: 01 Acura RL

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    01 Acura RL

    Ok, so Im trying to figure out how to install a laptop PC into my 01 Acura RL.
    I don't have any pictures of my car specifically, but its the same console design as this car/worklog.
    and I want to install my computer similiar to this the install techniques of
    2002 Acura TLS laptop install

    my biggest worry so far, is how to go about installing an actual screen. as you can see there is little room to install an actual screen in the RL's console design if you dont already have a navigational system installed (which, i dont.)

    If I could get some ideas about wehre to put the screen I would greatly appreciate it, some ideas that I've been tossing around are....
    Removeing the radio putting a screen there
    "jimmy rigging" a screen infront of the gear shifter
    putting the screen on top of the actual dash

    all in all, my fav atm is the removeing the radio, but im curious how hard that would be, would reworking the sound be difficult? etc. All in all, im looking for some more professional advice before i start diving in, I've done some reading on the forums and am continuing to do more, but I wanted to get my post out there so people could comment if they get the chance.

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    should be possible with some favrication
    Acura / Honda A/V CarPC Adapter GA-NET+
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