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Thread: car speakers to laptop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert View Post
    For the auto on/off, you have several options:
    You can have the laptop turn on when it senses power.
    You can have a unit like a Carnetix power supply or a dedicated startup/shutdown controller mimic a press of the power button.
    There is a laptop auto-turn-on module made by a forum member.
    You can be creative and use Wake on Ring or Wake on LAN if your laptop supports either.
    I looked for a way to have my T41 turn on automatically when power was applied, but couldn't figure out a way to make that happen. How is that done?

    The Webmaster auto-turn-on module is great but it's a real challenge to wire into the T41's power button. I ended up getting an HP 530 instead, wiring that up was a piece of cake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thefdog View Post
    I want to weigh in on the radio issue. I tried several USB solutions and none of them are satisfactory for automobile use. You will not get a good signal, even when connected properly to the car's antenna. Let me repeat, you will not get a good signal.

    The HD Radio solution is the way to go. With a Visteon automobile radio kit (or similar), Mitch's software driver, and the proper frontend (Road Runner) and supporting skin (Digital FX 4.0), you will have an excellent solution. Everything else is BS, do not waste your time or money, unless you do not want to listen to someone you do not even know

    Do some more searching on these subjects, as most have been answered elsewhere in the forum.


    Just while we're on this radio issue I remember reading a post about a certain USB radio that works fairly well, but I agree it will never be as good as sat radio/HD radio.
    Do some searching on this forum for that post I was talking about, or it might have even been in a book on google books about car PC's. But a quick google and you should find it!

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