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Thread: D600 dock video outputs

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    Question D600 dock video outputs

    OK, so I've been lurking and reading & I have a question. I have an old D600 along with Dell Dock that I'm going to mod ASD into & use a dell OE car adaptor to power it. Going low-buck on this thing. Ideally, on this small budget carputer, I'd like to have a touchscreen mounted up high in my Jeep & another screen mounted high in the rear for my kid to watch movies while we're on the road.

    To my question, the Dell Dock has two video jacks on it already, (VGA & DVI, I think that's what they are), can I use one for the touchscreen in front and the other for the monitor in the rear simultaneously? In other words, I'd like to still be able to see the GPS map on the front & play Shrek in the rear at the same time. I saw the two outputs & it made me wonder about that.

    I was originally going to extend the laptop display ribbon & use it for the rear display & hook into the VGA for the front. I don't know how well that will actually turn out though & thought this might be an easier solution.

    What do you guys think?


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    I donno how well the D600 would handle 2 monitors like this... I currently have D630 on dual displays thru a D-Dock (at my desk, not in a car - yet) and it handles multitasking like this no problem...

    There are a dew different ways you can setup video (again IF the laptop can handle it).. The best would be to use the DVI and VGA ports on the D-Dock.. You will need to be able to setup the display in the OS while hooked up to the D-Dock. You may need to have the lid w/ lcd closed to fully recongize both monitors (on the DX2X it is a must as they have ambient light sensors in the invertor bar (dell has them as part of the lcd, this specific function im talking about often is thought to be a IR reciever))

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