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Thread: Multiple DVD players/Monitors

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    Multiple DVD players/Monitors

    I have a spare laptop that I want to use as a carpc. I want to run 3 monitors, 1 touch screen upfront for controls and 2 headrest normal monitors for passengers.

    Is it possible to get 3 different displays, one to each monitor, off the graphic setup on a laptop? If I have multiple dvd drives can they output to different monitors? I basically want the headrest monitors to be able to play movies, etc for the kids and the upfront monitor for gps, video, music, etc.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Maybe using something like this?

    Or possibly with a docking station - I'm sure if you could get it to drive the displays, you would be able to isolate video to the correct display, but then you have the issue of isolating the sound from the front/rear displays.

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