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Thread: Laptop carputer in Ford BA XR6

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    Laptop carputer in Ford BA XR6


    I am looking at installing a carputer in a Ford XR6 using a spare laptop which I have. However, due to the refresh rate / scanning frequency of the ICC screen, I cannot just the normal video out of the laptop. There are numerous threads on forums which state that video cards for desktop PCs such as the ArcadeVGA video card from Ultimarc. Does anyone have a suggestions as to how I can use a laptop as a carputer. I think that a converter box may do the job, but they are expensive (ie approx $AU250.00) and bulky.

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    Here's an idea:
    2007 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo UTE

    Basically drop in a 7'' touch screen and reallocate the ICC below the climate control unit.

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