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Thread: IBM Docking Station and Carnetix P2140

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    IBM Docking Station and Carnetix P2140

    I want to hook uo my Carnetix P2140 to my IBm docking station, which will house my T42 laptop. Now I think I undertsand on what needs to be connected to the docking station from the carnetix, but how can I get the laptop to turn on when my ignition is started? What would i need to do to the docking station poer button so that it's always on (depressed) and will automatically come on once the ignition is started and power is sent to my P2140?
    I've read lost od posts showing how to set-up an external power button for the docking station, but I want the Carnetix to be able to turn the laptop on.


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    If I were to solder 2 of the 5 pins together (although testing is probably required as to which 2 pins to use) would this mean that I can by-pass the power button and have a constant feed of power going to the docking station?

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    OK...I'm going to try asking's a pic that shows how to connect the docking station switch to an external switch (borrowed from another post):
    Now all I want to do is connect my Carnetix P2140 to these wires so that there is constant power when I turn my car on...I don't want to use an external switch to power on the docking station....can this be accomplished?
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    I believe that if you connect the ACPI + and ACPI - wires from the 2140 to that switch, it will turn on and turn off your PC. I used a switch mounted on the dash that connected to the same spot when I used an IBM R-51.

    The ACPI from the 2140 should provide a pulse like the momentary switch I used.

    Good luck

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    :WHS: You don't need the power button to remain pressed. In fact, if it does, the computer will do a hard shutdown.

    Basically, what you are doing is replacing that power button with the ACPI wires from the 2140. Use the standard power outputs from the 2140 in place of the power supply wires to the dock and you'll be all set.
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