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Thread: Unbelievable all in one system

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    Unbelievable all in one system

    Unbelievable in in one system

    I have personally delt with Mark from this site and their service is outstanding.

    Thought i would post this all in one system here, and i dont think for the money you could build a better system.
    Found on
    PC/Computer Car Radio, GPS, DVD, Windows [SSAS-PC700]

    R13 600 to convert to US dollar would be divided by current exchange rate of 9 $1511
    Everything included apart from windows xp. If you think that is still to much they have some going for as little as R3500 do the math

    Car PC'S function:

    1. GPS
    With global satellite, wherever you are, you can have immediate and continuous positioning, and you can also use its functions as auto navigation information inquiry, the best route calculation, trail recording and playing back etc.
    2. Multimedia entertainment
    Tens of DVD movies and thousands of MP3 & MP4 can be saved in the computer. With Central-control Platform, TFT touch screen and car-used stereo system, it can provide you marvellous audio & video effect. Also these audio & video documents can be downloaded wireless, which will save you from the troubles of using disks.
    3. Wireless internet
    Covering the GPRS /CDMA signal all over the country, up to the highest velocity at 153.6kps, it can carry out net function, such as E-mail, FTP, chat online, browse information, net game, download photo, do the office work movably, E-business. Speed fast, capability steady, safety reliable
    4. Mobile communication
    Adopt GPRS/CDMA wireless communication or VOIP net mobile, dial the phone in or out country at you will, and switch between exemption and wireless headphone in order to let you drive safe
    5. Video rear-view system
    At reverse, the whole process will automatically be shown on the seven-inch digital screen, thus, even beginner drivers can save their worries.
    6. Movable office
    Through nation-wide coverage of CDMA1X signal, you can enjoy the pleasure of communication anytime anywhere. With a speed as fast as 153.6kps, it can perform various network functions as E-mail, FTP, Online Chatting, information scanning, Net Games, Video Conference, pictures downloading, Mobile Office, E-business, Receiving and Sending FAX etc.
    7. Touch Screen
    Automatic and flexible touch style LCD (600*800 resolving power, VGA input) can support 640*480-1280*768 resolving power, tow visions AV and TV input
    8. Car TV
    It can free to watch the LCD by portable TV, net TV, and input movable TV and satellite TV connector.
    9. DVD player
    Use DVD disc or outboard DVD disc player (DVD/VCD/SVCD/MP3/MPG4) sound and vision file

    10. Record Vehicle driving information
    The functions of the best driving route calculation, the trace record and play, including sail trace and camera recording information, supply with the witness after traffic accident and distinguish each responsibility.
    11. TIPS automatic off
    Adopt power with the ITPS function car attached computer and use car ACC switch to control the car attached computer on or off. ITPS function come true automatic switch. It will cut the power automatically when stopping and avoid running out the car storage battery.
    12. 7V-20V steady voltage
    Under the board voltage power supply---- 7-18V directed power supply, and the generator battery charge, car attached system is still steady work.
    13. Large capacity storing
    40/120g laptop hard drive can store thousands of MP3 music or hundreds of films
    14. GPS Guarding
    GPS car attaching computer position instrument is fixed up the terminal equipment, which transfers to various kinds of information the control centre including the position information by the GSM short message transfer mode. The GIS smart e-map, the GSM net and the control centre management system consist of a whole set of GPS car position tracing control system
    15. The Digital Car amplifier
    The car attaching system and car sound combine together .The good sound quality of the digital sound is a perfect 5.1 sound channel family theatre.
    16. Net game
    You can get into the internet to play the game. Even if a favourable and big game, you will enjoy
    17. Windows XP system
    It suit fully Microsoft Window 98/me/2000/XP/2003 RED FLAG Linux operation system
    18 Receiving and sending FAX
    Mobile phone receives and sends FAX by the connection line or blue tooth
    Among others, it also has functions as Anti-Theft, Bluetooth Communication, Satellite Theft-Monitoring, Mechanical Problems Testing, Remote Control, Auto-Drive etc. its function can expand unlimitedly.
    its function can expand unlimitedly.

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    no, not really. buying a used laptop is going to save you a lot. and it lists a bunch of crap like "built in digital amplifier". thats going to be like a car radio (or onboard audio), you still need an amp for any real sound quality. and 80gb isnt very much. if that thing were $500 I still wouldnt get it.

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    Seems to be overpriced to me.
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    why would an online store have "free" advertizements listed at the bottom of the page?? looks like a scam site

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    I wouldn't say it's over priced. For all that stuff, $1500 seems kind of reasonable to me in a pre built package. I've seen less sell for more. Although, one could probably build all that for $800 or less with a bit of price shopping.

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    It is probably expensive but I can bet many carpc builder would spent that much anyway.

    $1500 sound alot in one go, but how much did you exactly spent including shipping cost, parts you broke, parts not needed. How about the time and effort needed to put them together? a year later its still not 100% done LOL.

    Some people just want to buy, install, and use it, and not spending lots of time ****ing around with bits of hardware.

    I chose the hard way though, cause Im a geek

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    its not install and go. it doesnt come with the front end or software. you still have to get everything working just the same.

    EDIT: not to mention its only got a 1.1ghz processor and only 256 mb of ram.

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    That's about the going rate for a 1ghz in dash double din PC, there are a couple out there, I have yet to hear anything bad (or good) about any of them.

    "16. Net game
    You can get into the internet to play the game. Even if a favourable and big game, you will enjoy"

    I <3 auto-translations. You WILL enjoy.
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    Not impressed... My preference is home grown.
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    Not so impressed either. I don't think these units are directed towards people who consider this to be a hobby. Although this crap is like a full time job lol..

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