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Thread: HDD Protection software

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    HDD Protection software

    I'm sure it's been covered but I already spent the last 2 hours searching and browsing.
    Anyways, my toshiba laptop came with HDD Protection software which senses vibrations and shocks, so it can move the hard discs head to a safe position to avoid damage to the disc from head to disc contact. With this enabled when I play music read from the hard disk, it skips like it was a CD play without any buffer. It doesn't do that when I disable it, but I'm afraid I might ruin my hard disk like that. Is there any way around this skipping problem without disabling the HDD Protection?

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    how about a (much) larger read-ahead buffer in winamp or whatever player you use?
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    All the HDD protection software for a laptop does is pause reads/writes when there is a shock that exceeds the software's threshold.
    Since the software is always accessing the HDD, you'll see sips in reads, resulting in skipping music playback (in your case). Increasing the buffer in WinAmp will help, but not eliminate the problem.

    Such software is usually not necessary . I disabled is on my ThinkPad.
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    Interesting that the sensing may be too late LOL! But of course will prevent further damage.... (It assumes a ramp up or inertia until critical damage.)

    But I would have thought any buffer would/should be unaffected....
    [ I'm assuming a >30 second buffer. I demanded that years ago until someone convinced me that a certain manufacturer instead effectively damped their system. I figure that was a superior solution from a media POV. And I still love my Alpine snowboarding despite extreme jumps.... ]

    The ideal mechanism I presume would be "heads out" on need only - eg, out, fill buffer, retract. (Of course, criticals like that read the entire medium onto a buffer and use that whether 700MB, 5GB, 10GB or 50GB, so no damage occurs.)

    Alas you young ITrennians wouldn't remember when special "parking software" was used to park HD heads off the medium... Then came moving coils (wow!) and inbuilt "park-off" (aka retract) software. Wow again!
    In 10 years... "what moving parts" (and head damage)? Damn primitive technology we contend with.

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